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Cassidy Gearhart has witnessed a bank robbery, faced down a tornado, tumbled two stories from the top of a train, lived in a monastery, moved out of a monastery, and survived to tell the tales. Born in Kalamazoo and raised in Annapolis, he spent fifteen years in NYC before relocating to Los Angeles.

Cassidy’s filmmaking aesthetics are forged from a multidisciplinary background as editor, graphic designer, and animator. His work seeks to illustrate the inner emotions of it’s characters via the graphic elements of their exterior world. He has directed films for Red Bull, Toyota, GE, Ford, Nike, AT&T, Mercedes-Benz and CVS Health and his work has been featured online at Pitchfork,  ESPN, Hype Beast, Motionographer, The New York Times, Creativity Online and exhibitied at ResFest and SXSW. He is currently working on a musical essay film in collaboration with composer Bryan Scary.

Cassidy often works as an editor on his own projects and sometimes for other filmmakers as well. His editorial portfolio can be viewed here.